Ian Cohen breaks down the good, the bad, and the holographic in our annual Coachella roundup. Photo by Chris Tuite.

“The Weeknd's set was marked with a similar disconnect— for all his debaucherous claims, Abel Tesfaye remains a studio rat above all else. In a live-band setting, “High for This” and “D.D.” (his cover of “Dirty Diana”) lost their gripping sense of tyranny; they’re not the kind of songs that should be punctuated with cheerful acknowledgements of how excited you are to perform them. ” (emphasis mine)
Every year I don’t go to Coachella, I end up pretty sad that I didn’t go, which leads me to buy tickets for the next year if I can, only to sell them a month or so before in a fit of “I don’t want to go mess with all of that BS.”